The Secrets of Astrology DK 2020

The Secrets of Astrology DK 2020


占星术的秘密告诉您所有有关占星术的知识,从生肖的含义到如何阅读出生图。 简单易读的文字清楚地解释了占星术的起源,行星的作用以及十二宫的意义。 年轻的占星家会通过所有不同的十二生肖来引导,并且可以在过程中学习更多有关自己的信息。

醒目的彩色插图使关键概念栩栩如生,使其成为书架的完美补充。 这本书是萌芽的占星家或热爱夜空的人的完美礼物。

Discover the hidden meaning of stars in this first introduction to astrology for children.

Secrets of Astrology tells you all you want to know about astrology, from the meaning of zodiac signs, to how to read a birth chart. Simple, readable text clearly explains the origins of astrology, the role of the planets, and the significance of the 12 Houses. Young astrologers are guided through all of the different zodiac signs, and can learn more about themselves in the process.

Bold, colorful illustrations bring key concepts to life, and make this the perfect addition to your bookshelf. This book is the perfect gift for budding astrologers, or those who love the night sky.


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