Expand your mind with this amazing book of incredible information about our weird and wonderful world.Dive into a world of fascinating facts and cool comparisons about our world, from the very bottom of the ocean – which is as deep as 29 Empire State buildings – to the planets of the solar system, and everything in between!Do you know which flower is taller than a human Or how many Earths could fit inside Jupiter Or if it is true that we only use 10% of our brains Whatever the topic, this fact-tastic compendium will uncover the story behind the weirdest wonders of our world – from intriguing animals and astounding nature, to the mysteries of science, history, geography, the human body, and more!I Can’t Believe It! is stuffed full of fantastic facts, cool visual comparison, and myth-busting true-or-false questions. You truly won’t believe what you’re reading!A compilation of favourite stories from the four best-selling DK titles It Can’t be True!, True or False, Strange but True, and It Can’t Be True! 2, this is the ultimate companion for any fact-hungry child.